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City of Monroe

Design Open House


The planning team compiled the information and designs discussed during consultant workshops into clear diagrams for the public to react to during an informal open house. City and design teams encouraged community participation through marketing of the Open House event on social media. Dozens of people attended The Garrett House for the occasion, including public City officials, current downtown investors, business owners, and several Monroe’s community members. However, the design team identified a lack of participants from stakeholders that might be outside Downtown Monroe. In general, community participation in the Informal Open House expressed great excitement towards City of Monroe Downtown development. Among the items for display in the Open House, the team included diagrammatic sketches of urban planning strategies, boards with questions about people’s interests and ideas, and a Visioning Wishlist depicting different projects that could take place in either a 1, 5, or 10-year plan.


  • The branding of a new district on the North side of Washington Street
  • Increasing circulation, connectivity, and comfort
  • Ideas for new incentives
  • Potential catalysts projects
  • Focused identity for Washington Street
  • Downtown programming and alliances that would regularly engage community members
  • Riverfront easements, activation and activities

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