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Water Treatment Expansion Project

Phase 1 of the Water Treatment Expansion Project is now complete! This expansion will enhance water quality and address the growing demand for water services in the city and surrounding areas. The project was initiated to ensure that the city can continue to provide essential services to its residents and businesses more efficiently and effectively. This significant expansion invested over $40M into our water system, a result of many years of planning and preparation.

Printable Water Treatment Coloring Page

Tours of the plant will be available once construction is complete.

Sidewalk Project

We’re thrilled to announce a significant stride forward in enhancing our city’s pedestrian infrastructure. While some sidewalks are already funded and undergoing repair, others are in the planning stages, awaiting funding approval.

Certain sections of Monroe’s sidewalks are currently undergoing a fantastic transformation, thanks to approved funding. From filling cracks to complete overhauls, these repairs are making our streets safer and more accessible for everyone. Watch as your neighborhood sidewalks become smoother, sturdier, and more inviting with each passing day!

As we continue our journey to revitalize Monroe’s sidewalks, your patience, understanding, and support are invaluable. Whether your sidewalk is already being repaired or on the list for future upgrades, your cooperation is key to the success of these vital projects. Together, we’re paving the way for a brighter, safer, and more accessible Monroe for generations to come.